V-TOL’s AUSA Issued its Australian RTO Number (45260)

The Australian Unmanned Systems Academy (AUSA), the Education & Training Arm of V-TOL Aerospace, has achieved its Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO) number 45260. AUSA designated as RTO 45260, will now commence delivering & developing Certificate level courses in addition to its CASA Approved Remote Pilot License (RePL) courses to advance and enhance the career pathways for those wishing to enter the rapidly emerging global robotics & automation industry.

“AUSA was the first Australian company to deliver the CASA Approved RPAS Pilot Certificate Course & is now qualified to add RTO level Certificate Courses to its offerings,” says Frank Martin, CEO of AUSA.  “Our secret is the significant benefit of having open access to parent company V-TOL Aerospace’s design, manufacturing & operational experience which enables us to test & develop effective training outcomes”, says Frank.  “I’m extremely positive that the original vision we had for the Academy is now coming to fruition”, says Mark Xavier, CEO & a Founding Director of V-TOL. He continued, “Our aim is to synergistically link professional teaching to applied learning for commercial real-world outcomes.”

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V-TOL Commences Advanced Civilian RPAS Operations in the SW Pacific

Working with the World Bank & operating in accordance with its Part 102 CAD Tonga issued Unmanned Aircraft (AU) Operator’s Certificate CAD/UAOC/01/17, Chief Pilot & CEO Mark Xavier, monitors live operations from the V-TOL Australian Head Office, in Brisbane.

A V-TOL manufactured GosHawk II Fixed Wing Surveyor aircraft is seen in real-time operating Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) at 1000ft AGL over the western end of Nuku’alofa Island, in the Kingdom of Tonga.

V-TOL Part 102 appointed Deputy Chief Pilot & project mission commander Andrew Rieker, is currently leading multi-aircraft BVLOS operations across the main Island of Nuku’alofa. In addition to standard risk mitigation, separation of V-TOL UA from manned civilian operations includes the utilisation of RelmaTech SIAM Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) technology providing live data feeds directly into Air Traffic Control (ATC) at Nuku’alofa International Airport.

“The benefit of conducting advanced operations is to test & demonstrate how safe, rapid & effective “fly-in” UA emergency response teams can be in conducting large scale wide area hi-resolution surveys of communities hit by natural disaster,” says Mark. “We look forward to conducting further long-range operations in the next few weeks demonstrating that UA operations can soon be an everyday routine occurrence in the SW Pacific region, ” he continued.

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V-TOL Issued Part 102 Operator’s Certificate by Tonga For Advanced RPAS Operations

To deliver the additional field activities of the World Bank’s UAV4Resiliance program, V-TOL has received its second International RPAS Operator’s Certificate covering the National Airspace of the Kingdom of Tonga. Issued by CAD Tonga as CAD/UAOC/01/17 under Part 102 (NZ) Regulations, this authorisation includes advanced permissions enabling multi-aircraft beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations.

These permissions will enable V-TOL to fly its RPAS types over & between the Tongan Islands. “V-TOL looks forward to operating with key members of CAD Tonga and the World Bank in demonstrating advanced RPAS survey & support in this SW Pacific region”, says V-TOL CEO Mark Xavier. “To conduct advanced BVLOS missions, V-TOL has integrated RelmaTech’s SIAM UTM technology into each of its aircraft enabling Tongan ATC at Nuku’alofa real-time visibility of our operations”, he continued.

V-TOL Commences Routine Day/Night BVLOS Operations

V-TOL, under its unique CASA & RAAF permissions has commenced day & night beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) unmanned aircraft (UA) flight operations at its 30km² Marburg Farm flight Area of Operations (AO) 10km NNW of RAAF Amberley.

A testament to how routine these operations are viewed by RAAF operations, FA-18 Super Hornets & C-17 operations are not effected by V-TOL RPAS operations in this airspace. Vertical and horizontal separation is maintained by RAAF ATC & V-TOL operational procedures. Life goes on in a routine, but professional manner.

VTOL BVLOS Flight path

A V-TOL GosHawk II BVLOS Flight Path Trace Marburg Farm on 1 Mar 2017

“V-TOL has successfully commenced its BVLOS flight program designed to develop and test appropriate operational procedures, minimum technical platform requirements and pilot training competencies”, says Mark Xavier CEO and Chief Remote Pilot of V-TOL.

V-TOL, as RelmaTech’s A-PAC agent and distributor operates as standard equipment the 4G SIAM Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) units in its aircraft. We believe that our GosHawk II & Hornet RPAS platforms now set the benchmark in small-RAPS BVLOS day/night operational safety.

V-TOL Aerospace (www.v-tol.com), is a Queensland based Australian corporation that designs, manufactures enterprise level commercial RPAS and is CASA approved for remote crew training and advanced day & night RPAS flight operations using UTMs. V-TOL counts NGOs, Global corporations, ASX 300, Local, State & Federal Government agencies as customers.

V-TOL Gains Drone/RPAS BVLOS Day Night Permission to Advance the Industry

V-TOL, a Queensland based Technology SME focusing on Unmanned Aircraft (UA) manufacturing, training and flight service operations has been issued a CASA Instrument to conduct day and night BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) operations under its CASA ReOC 0074. This is a significant step towards routine advanced UA/Drone operations in support of Australia’s ‘core’ economic sectors.  For further information see attached press release. 

V-TOL Public Release BVLOS Operations 8 Feb 2017

International Interest in AUSA RPAS Training

V-TOL CEO and AUSA Chief RPAS Instructor Mark Xavier briefs a foreign delegation on the RPAS training programs offered by the Academy. “It is clear that our reputation as a global leader in CASA Approved RPAS Remote Crew training is getting out there”, he says. “Many Nations in our region are looking to Australia and its industry leaders for advice on starting similar capabilities,” he noted.

RelmaTech and V-TOL claim world’s first commercial RPAS/UTM flights

Secure airspace management for small drone operations is here

RelmaTech’s SIAM system – the leader in making small drone operations safe

BRISBANE, 22 August, 2016 – Australia’s V-TOL Aerospace has partnered with UK-based RelmaTech to conduct what they claim is the world’s first commercial flight operations of a remotely piloted airborne system (RPAS) supported by an Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM) system.

On Thursday 18th August, V-TOL used one of its GosHawk variant RPAS to conduct routine volumetrics survey operations for its customer, New Hope Mining Group (NHG), at NHG’s Jeebropilly Mine site located 1.5 nautical miles from the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Base Amberley, west of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. The GosHawk II Surveyor – an electric fixed wing aircraft weighing less than 7 kilograms – was fitted with RelmaTech’s SIAM (Secure Integrated Airspace Management) technology.


A V-TOL GosHawk II Surveyor RPAS fitted with SIAM (Photo courtesy of V-TOL Aerospace)

“As part of our technology development for minimising risk to third party airspace users, we are now fitting SIAM to all our aircraft, including aircraft we build for our customers,” said Mark Xavier, Director and Chief RPAS Pilot at V-TOL. “As the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of the aircraft flying within RAAF controlled airspace (CTR), we are permitted to fit such technologies to our aircraft.”

“Thursday’s RPAS operations, consisting of two flights of 2 hours and 1.5 hours duration, were carried out under V-TOL’s current Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and RAAF permissions,” Xavier added. “It was our first commercial operations using SIAM under standard operating conditions – an event we and RelmaTech believe to be a world first. That these operations took place 1.5 nautical miles from the main runway of Australia’s largest active RAAF base during normal F-18 and C-17 operations is also of significant importance.”

RelmaTech provided RAAF Amberley Air Traffic Control with a login to the SIAM portal so they could observe V-TOL’s RPAS operations in real time. Login accounts were also provided to ATC sections at RAAF Base Williamtown, north of Newcastle in New South Wales, and Oakey Army Aviation Centre, west of Toowoomba in Queensland, as V-TOL conducts RPAS operations within the Oakey CTR on a regular basis and will soon commence similar operations within the Williamtown CTR.

“Because the SIAM feed from an operating RPAS can be viewed in real-time over the web, SIAM enabled Amberley ATC to have greater situational awareness of V-TOL’s RPAS operating within their active CTR,” said Philip Hall, Founding Director and CEO of RelmaTech. “Mark, as Chief Pilot of V-TOL, was also able to monitor the flights between meetings in the Brisbane CBD, and I watched the live feed from my home office in the United States. The NHG Operations Manager for the Jeebropilly site could also observe the operations on his iPad.”

Last Thursday’s landmark flights come just a week after V-TOL demonstrated SIAM to representatives of Defence Industries and the Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation, Queensland. In that demonstration, V-TOL had two RPAS flying at the same time in their training area; a V-TOL Hornet multi-rotor on a general flight test, and a V-TOL GosHawk fixed wing conducting a survey training mission. Each aircraft weigh less than 7 kilogram. The demonstration included a detailed briefing and viewing of SIAM’s composite live feed of the aircraft flying.

John Thynne, former Manager Safety Systems Office at CASA and now Manager Aviation Solutions at RelmaTech, says “SIAM offers an operative digital substitute for ADS-B and secondary radar, thus providing an effective alternate means of situational awareness in the aviation sphere. This technology will assist in allowing the aviation industry greater scope of operations into the future.”

With SIAM technology, Xavier can now monitor his company RPAS operations anywhere in the world from the Operations Room at V-TOL’s Head Office in Rocklea, Queensland – or wherever he is. “SIAM will enable safer and more advanced operations in the National Airspace, and we are excited to be able to make this capability available to our customers”, Xavier says. “As an OEM manufacturer and operator of unmanned aircraft, we believe it should be a requirement to fit all unmanned aircraft with SIAM technology.”

About SIAM

“SIAM offers a viable and robust solution to the critical issues confronting regulators and manufacturers responsible for ensuring the safety of low-flying RPAS,” Hall says. “SIAM represents an innovative integration of proven technologies and concepts used in civil aviation, online and mobile communications and information management, working in concert with existing transportation systems to ensure that small RPAS operations are safe for the full range of potential users.”

“With SIAM, RPAS and their operators can be identified and their permissions verified – and, where necessary, restricted,” Hall adds. “SIAM can determine whether the flight to be undertaken is restricted to Line of Sight or permitted for Beyond Line of Sight, and then oversee the flight accordingly. These and other capabilities, including separation assurance and collision warning, ensure that RPAS can be safely operated within an integrated managed airspace.”

About RelmaTech

RelmaTech is a UK-based company specialising in the development and operation of integrated technology-based solutions that provide for the safe and secure management of autonomous and semi-autonomous land, marine and air vehicle operations. RelmaTech also has representation in the United States and Australia. RelmaTech has lodged a world-wide patent application for SIAM.

About V-TOL Aerospace

Incorporated in 2004, V-TOL Aerospace is a Queensland-based 100% Australian owned SME and holder of CASA ARN: 750 709 and Unmanned Operator Certificate (UOC) 0074. V-TOL designs, manufactures, supplies, operates and supports fixed wing and multi-rotor RPAS for organisations and professionals from initial concept to sustainable commercial operations.

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