The Australian Unmanned Systems Academy is a fully accredited RTO that delivers Certificate-based courses for various in Aviation (Remote Pilot) qualifications.

Available Courses

AVI30419 Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot) 

AVI30419 Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot) 
This qualification is suitable for people pursuing an aeronautical or aviation profession who require formal training in drone operation. Remote pilot duties include applying technical and non-technical aviation skills and knowledge within RPAS operational environments. This qualification contributes to the requirements for certification by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). 

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These qualifications are primarily relevant to individuals operating remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAs):

  • Within Visual Line of Sight (VLOS).
  • Up to 400 feet Above Ground Level (AGL).
  • In day Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC).
  • Outside of controlled airspace.
  • Greater than three nautical miles from an aerodrome.
  • Outside of populous areas.

Additional qualifications are available to provide individuals to reduce these limitations, allowing pilots to fly in many different and complex scenarios.


The Australian Unmanned Systems Academy Certificate courses are fully funded through the Queensland Government VET Program for students. This funding is available Available to eligible students who have not studied a Certificate qualification in Secondary School.

We also can provide provide pathways for students who:

  • Have used or do not have access to funding.
  • Have government funding and are not in enrolled in a secondary school. 

Current School Programs

  •  Windaroo Valey State High School 
  •  Brisbane School of Distance Education (BSDE) 
  •  Lowood State High School 
  •  Craigslea State High School 
  •  Padua College