Setup Procedures – DJI Survey Setup

1. Connecting to Pix4D

  1. Turn on controller
  2. Turn Mavic on
  3. Plug cable in to controller
  4. Plug cable into tablet
  5. “Ctrl+DJI” App should automatically open**
  6. Wait for status to read “Connected”. You should see live data roll, yaw, pitch etc.
  7. Click “Open Pix4DCapture” button to open Pix4D
  8. Clicking the camera icon in the top left corner can verify live connection

**Note: If the DJI GO 4 or Pix4D app auto opens on plugging in the tablet, follow process 2 – “Access DJI GO 4 App” steps a-i for the app that auto opens. Then complete process 3 – “Resetting Ctrl+DJI back to Default”.

**Note: If no app auto opens and several apps pop of to select a default, choose “Ctrl+DJI” app, click “Always”. The app will auto open and connect to aircraft.

2. Access DJI GO 4 App

  1. Hit home button on tablet (physical button)
  2. Swipe up from bottom of screen
  3. Search “settings” in search bar
  4. Click on “Apps” on left hand side
  5. Click on “Ctrl+DJI” in the app list
  6. Scroll down and click on “set as default”
  7. Click “Clear defaults”
  8. Click “page button” on left of physical home button
  9. Click “Close all”
  10. Search for the DJI GO 4 app
  11. If a pop up asks for permission to access this device, click ok
  12. App should open and auto show Mavic Pro, if this does not close app and reopen
  13. Click “go fly”

3. Resetting Ctrl+DJI back to Default:

  1. Pull cable out from tablet (can leave controller plugged in)
  2. Hit page button, left side of physical home button
  3. Click “Close all”
  4. Plug cable back into tablet
  5. Choose “Ctrl+DJI” app, click “Always”
  6. Ctrl+DJI should auto open and connect to aircraft