The Sub-25Kg Remote Pilot’s Licence Upgrade is open to current RePL holders and students completing their initial Remote Pilot’s Licence. This course will provide you the capability to fly any multi-rotor aircraft up to 25Kg in weight professionally and safely.

You will train on our in-house built aircraft, the “V-TOL Aerospace Hornet”, which is a hexacopter design platform with capabilities of photography, mapping, and attaching Rotamarka’s on powerlines! Just to name a few.

Course Overview

The provided courses cover the following topics:

  • 3 Hours of Practical Flight Experience – Multi-Rotor
  • Sub25Kg Theory Components
  • CASA Approved Theory & Practical Assessments
  • Certificate of Completion
  • CASA issued Remote Pilot’s Licence (RePL) – Sub25Kg No Restriction
  • DJI and Non-DJI RPA Experience
  • Face-Face Delivery