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The Australian Unmanned Systems Academy (AUSA) represents a growing team of CASA approved unmanned and manned aviation specialists.  As the education and training organization of V-TOL Aerospace ( that has operated remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) commercially for over a decade and worked with CASA and industry over several years to develop the regulator approved RPAS Certificate Pilot’s Course, our people are well grounded in all aspects of small RPAS regulations and commercial flight operations.

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Our instructors have been involved in manned aviation and the capability development of unmanned systems since the early 1990s both in the civilian and military environments. AUSA delivers courses,  conferences and workshops that are designed to transfer this knowledge and experience to the individual and organisation in the most cost-effective way. AUSA focuses on setting the benchmark in delivering the right answers and qualifications to address and solve the four (4) pillars that are required to create the right capability ‘fit’ and sustain your unmanned systems operations:

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  • People;
  • Organisation;
  • Technology; and
  • Regulations.

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In addition to delivering “A” typical unmanned systems education and training modules, AUSA is geared to develop and deliver specialist training support and craft specialist doctrine and operating procedures required to comply and deliver an effective operational outcome.

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AUSA is the Australian Leader in small RPAS training. By delivering the CASA approved syllabus and employing the right balance of classroom theory, high-end simulation and in the field practical RPAS flight operations, our instructors provide the most engaging and relevant experience available in this training space today.

Our team motto is Teach Learn Apply.

For further information on how our we can assist you, please contact us.

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