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The mission of the Australian Unmanned Systems Academy (AUSA) is to set the global industry benchmark standard in Unmanned Systems technology education and training.

The core objective is to graduate highly skilled, competent, safe and regulator approved Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) aviators who will commence long-term careers in this exciting and emerging global industry. To this end, AUSA is developing additional regulator approved advanced pilot and RPA systems support courses that will enable RPAS pilots and crews to further their capabilities, opportunities and careers in this commercial industry.

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To ensure that an efficient and sustainable industry evolves, AUSA is committed to educating both the individual and organization. If the various industry stakeholders correctly understand the true benefits and limitations that can result from the application of these technologies, society will benefit greatly from the positive proliferation of these technologies. AUSA actively provides various industry sectors the opportunity and forum via conferences and workshops to achieve this outcome.

Key objectives for the AUSA include:

• Providing a strong contribution to the sustainable development of the Unmanned Systems industry;
• High level contribution to the development and application of proactive skills strategies, career pathways, and education to meet the needs of an emerging hi-tech industry;
• Excellence in postgraduate training to meet the needs of organisations;
• Engaging with schools and youth organisations to bridge the gap and provide career paths into University; and
• Engagement in knowledge transfer and enterprise solutions with our aviation training community.

For further information on how AUSA can assist in addressing your Unmanned Systems capability development, please contact us.

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